Our goal to be as kind to the environment as possible permeates all components in our products. This includes the smallest components and those that are concealed within the bag, such as thread, glue and padding. We strive to keep our bag and material production geographically close – preferably within Europe.

The suppliers we work with have a sustainability focus in the environmental and ethical aspects of their work. They hold both environmental and good working conditions certificates.


Our bags and cases are made of Uppeal™ (former AppleSkin™).

Frumat, the company that developed Uppeal™, as well as the production company, describes it as a bio-based and vegan material with a low environmental impact, made with 20-30 percent of apple waste from the food industry in Italy. It is a highly durable, breathable and waterproof material, with the same mechanical resistance as any other synthetic fabric.

The apples are grown for juice, jam, and other food products in Bolzano, South Tyrol in northern Italy. After the food production the apple waste is gathered, naturally dried and minced into a form of apple powder. Once processed, it is sent to a factory in Florence, where it is blended with DMF-free Polyurethane and coated onto a canvas of cotton and polyester. The top layer is 50 percent apples and 50 percent Polyurethane. The Florence based factory has produced Uppeal™ since 2010 – and does so today with 100 percent green energy.

When choosing a 100 percent Uppeal™ product instead of a product made of 100 percent Polyurethane, the environmental impact is reduced by 50 percent, and is therefore a more environmentally friendly choice. Uppeal™ is 100 percent toxic-free.

In 2023 AppleSkin™ changed brand name to Uppeal™ as they intend to introduce not only apple waste but other new organic components into their production. This is a part of the brand's development and their commitment to sustainabilty and continuos innovation.

Uppeal™ is compliant with the REACH 1907/2006 regulation and is PVC free.


The lining in our bags and cases is made of MicroLining®, a microfiber with a feel of leather.

The MicroLining® production company, describes it as 100 percent breathable with great absorption capacity and which is designed to be used as inner lining for footwear - a very durable material.

MicroLining® is a 100 percent microfiber product with an ecological CO2-free manufacturing system and is Chromium VI free.

MicroLining® is produced in Spain and its manufacturer is compliant with the REACH 1907/2006 regulation and Global Recycled Standard with a 100 percent quality service guarantee.

Organic cotton

Our dust bags are made of organic cotton compliant with the GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard.

We are, however, aware of the ethical issues in the cotton industry and we try to use as little cotton as possible in our products. Cotton is a very durable material and we have not yet been able to find a better alternative for our dust bags that would provide the quality and feel we are looking for.

We will continue our search for a better alternative.

Other product materials

All of our product materials are carefully chosen with the aim of having as little negative environmental impact as possible for a more sustainable future. This includes the smallest components and those that are concealed within the bag, such as thread, glue and padding.

These materials are compliant with the REACH 1907/2006 regulation and/or the Global Recycled Standard.

All of our product materials are made in Italy and Spain.


When our products require plastic-like material packaging, we use 100 percent plant-based compostable bags. These are manufactured in Spain according to the European standard UNE – EN 13432 and certified with OK COMPOST.

All our e-commerce packaging as well as the product tags on our bags are made in Sweden or Poland. The papers we use are certified with FSC, PEFC or equivalent standards. They are also made with water-based glue and a CO2-neutral digital press.