Attáge was founded in Stockholm in 2020, but the dream of designing “the perfect business bag” began back in 2016.

Since then we have worked on designing an attaché bag of the highest quality, with a timeless and exclusive design. A bag that would fit all our needs, as business persons, for our long days.

The idea felt right but, being well aware of the environmental challenges and negative impact of the fashion industry, how could we justify the introduction of yet another new product?

We spent a lot of time evaluating different materials and production options, and our research clearly showed us the way – vegan slow fashion.


We identified a lack of premium products in the vegan leather market and discovered that many existing options are made from toxic materials. On top of that, the high consumption levels of today create multiple environmental and ethical issues.

With better options on the market we can shop more consciously and reduce the negative impact on people and the planet. This is the very foundation of Attáge.

Attáge focuses on slow and sustainable fashion – timeless designs made with high-quality vegan leather under ethical conditions.

The materials we use are innovative and were carefully chosen with the aim of making as little negative impact as possible. It is a continuous journey, and we are always looking out for even better alternatives.

Attáge is our contribution to a more sustainable fashion industry.

"Our name, Attáge, came to us as we were developing our first product inspired by the attaché bag – elegant yet functional."



In 2016, Attáge founder Jonna was searching for a high-quality attaché bag with a timeless, exclusive design that would fit everything she needed during her hectic days. With a fast-paced lifestyle, she wanted a bag for everything from her morning workouts, the commute and business meetings, to lunch dates and dinner events. Finding that one bag without having to compromise on design or function and without spending a fortune, was harder than Jonna had expected. But did it really have to be? The story of Attáge had begun.

Having examined the fashion industry and the challenges it faces – both environmental and ethical – Jonna asked herself how she would be able to justify making her idea come to life.

In her search for premium materials in the vegan leather market, Jonna learned that large amounts of toxicants are typically added to the materials or produced from the manufacturing processes.

But Jonna dug deeper and found that vegan material had in fact developed considerably in the past few years. She learned about something called "bio-based leather". Uppeal™, in particular, had been ranked as one of the best alternatives. After ordering samples, she realised that she had finally found the other component to make her idea come true.

With better options on the market, we can shop more consciously and reduce the negative impact on people and the planet. This is the very foundation of Attáge.

Jonna was ready to move forward. Her focus would be slow and sustainable fashion, classic designs and high-quality vegan leather products made from as environmentally friendly materials as possible and manufactured under the highest ethical conditions.

We believe that the fashion industry needs to meet the high consumption of today with better slow fashion options.

Jonna founded Attáge in 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. After a long journey, and countless hours invested in product development to reflect our core values, we launched in November 2022.