We need to reduce the consumption of fashion, especially fast fashion, but where do we start?

With better options on the market we can shop more consciously and reduce the negative
impact on people and the planet. This is the very foundation of Attáge.

Aspect, impact and focus

Our research into the fashion industry has led us to conclude the following about the current situation and what we can do to contribute to a better future.

We need to produce fewer new products and find new ways to enjoy fashion – this requires smart design, higher product quality and extended life cycles.

When we do need to produce new products, we should use the best materials and resources available for the purpose of the product, and continuously improve our materials and resources as new innovations become available.

We believe that the fashion industry needs to meet the high consumption of today with better slow fashion options on the market. We also believe in open communication with our customers as a means of finding the best possible way forward.

There are a great deal of environmental and ethical aspects in today's fashion industry that affect people and the planet.

In 2020, the fashion industry was estimated to account for 10 percent of global CO2 emissions – more than international flights and shipping combined.

Too many people are working within the fashion industry under poor work conditions, for example, unsatisfactory health and safety standards and low wages.

Today there is a lack of high-quality and high-end vegan products on the market. When researching the vegan leather market we were astounded by the extent to which today’s vegan leather products are “fast fashion”. Also, there is a lack of transparency around the materials actually used when producing the end material (and its environmental impact), even from companies which have launched new innovative and more environmentally friendly materials during recent years.

Meanwhile, the food industry is changing and people are recommended to consume less meat for environmental reasons. We believe that an era of more artificial leather products in the fashion market has already begun – one that will hopefully provide more environmentally friendly and innovative options than today.

We can't change the whole fashion industry overnight, but we can start working step by step. Attáge focuses on slow and sustainable fashion with timeless designs to create the very highest quality vegan leather products under ethical conditions. Our materials are innovative and were carefully chosen with the aim of making as little negative impact as possible, strong and durable for years to come. It is a continuous journey, and we are always looking out for even better alternatives.

Every supplier and factory in our production line has environmental certificates as well as certificates to ensure good working conditions. We strive to keep our entire production close to home – preferably within Europe.

This is Attáge’s contribution to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Always treat your Attáge product with love to keep it in shape for years to come.

As a part of our slow fashion concept, we encourage our customers to repair their Attáge products rather than replace them. Our products are made to last for a long time, so should not be needed until after considerable use. If or when your product needs a touch-up, we are of course happy to assist.


Our environmental impact

When choosing a 100 percent Uppeal™ product instead of a product made of 100 percent Polyurethane, the environmental impact is reduced by 50 percent.

We aim to release our own sustainability report of Attáge's environmental footprint in 2025. The report will be ambitious, transparent and serve as a basis for our future goals.


Attáge business model

Our goal is to work with a circular business model by 2030, where our products will be recycled into raw material and reused in our new products.

As it is a complex process to recycle materials into raw materials, especially for a small business like ours, we are still researching the best way to close our circle. As a first step, we are looking into opening a second hand shop and producing "remake collections".